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Create Your Own Invitations

Picking the right invitations for your party or event is important because this gives your guests an idea of what kind of party you are throwing. Think of it as the window to your party. Having said that, each party invitation on invitations-and-more is made with a specific event in mind. However, in order for these free printable invitations to be used for a different event from what it was designed for, you will find a blank template included with most of the available invitations. This way you can still use your chosen printable invitation and add your own personal touch to it.

Choose on a theme that you need invitations for. If you need invitations for a particular event that is not on this list, you can check out the individual invitation pages and will find templates for almost all of the invitations. You can use these templates and personalize them to suit your needs.

To personalize the invitations templates, click on the PERSONALIZE this invitation link, which you will find on each individual invitation page. You will be directed to a page containing instructions on how to use the invitation you selected.

Have fun creating your own invitations!

Bridal and Baby Shower Invitations
Create your own invitations for that baby
shower or bridal shower

Birthday Party Invitations
Create your own invitations for that perfect
birthday party you are planning

Slumber Party Invitations
Create your own invitations for that slumber
party you have always wanted to host

Movie Night Invitations
Create your own invitations for a movie night

Wedding Invitations
Create your own invitations for your dream wedding

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create your own invitations
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