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I have always been fascinated at how party invitations have evolved, as well as seeing the amount of work and creativity that is put into handmade invitations. Realistically though, whenever I am asked to make somewhere between 30 to 100 event or party invitations, handmade invitations become impossible to put together. All the cutting and gluing just becomes too much work. This is where I've developed a great appreciation for digitally designed invitations. However, there still remains the desire to make these party invitations stand out from the regular store bought invitations. Hence, when I make party invitations, I use them with special-cut envelopes instead of the regular letter envelopes. Very often, I also add an accent to each party invitation, which can either be a charm or something as simple as a matching ribbon.

That's what invitations-and-more is all about. It's about making the simple stand out and having fun doing it.

All the resources on this website, from printable invitations to printable party favors, printable games are completely free of charge. They are however, not to be used for profit. Feel free to use them for your own personal parties and special events.

You will also find links to websites that I personally use and recommend for your printing and party needs. Most of them, like invitations-and-more are free to use, some have stores where you can get the supplies you will need for your printables.

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Browse through the collection of free printable party invitations. If you find any that you might want to use, there are instructions on how to personalize your invitation, that should guide you through this process.

There are three categories of printables on this site namely, printable party invitations, printable party favors and printable party games.

Printable Party Invitations

The inspiration from the free printable party invitations that you will find here come from the requests that I get from family and friends to make invitations for special events and occasions that they need put together. In addition to all that, I searched the web for what specific events people need invitations for. This stems from a desire to provide a free good quality resource that will make party planning or event organizing a little simpler for anyone in need of help. The printable invitations you will find here are currently classified under:

Nowadays husbands are more involved in taking care of baby, from feeding baby to giving baby a bath and changing diapers. Why not make him a part of the baby shower? I designed baby shower invitations that are more generic in appearance so that dad's won't feel like it's just another boring girl's night out.

The most fun I've had at a wedding shower was at a couple's wedding shower - and I have the invitations for that. It's beginning to make more sense for some to throw a wedding shower for both the bride and the groom, since each will play an important role in the marriage. Still, if you prefer to keep this strictly feminine, you will find the perfect bridal shower invitations for your party here.

Find every birthday party invitation you will need - from the cutest 1st birthday party invitation to the more classy 60th birthday party invitation.

Slumber parties are so much fun. The best part of it is when each person in the party begins to develop a stronger bond of friendship from talking all night and getting to know more about your friends than you think you possibly could!

I love movie nights! I like the thought of just sitting and for two hours, just get away from what is going on around me and sink into the characters and events that go on in the movie. I won't be picking the movies for you, but I sure would be happy to help you with these movie night invitations.

Weddings don't only let you go broke, it can also cause a lot of stress... both from preparation concerns as well as cost issues! I made my own wedding invitations for my wedding and saved a lot of money on it. If I can do it, so can you! The wedding invitations on invitations-and-more are the ones that have been carefully thought of and worked on the most. All you have to do is find good paper and personalize the message on it before printing.

Because I want to be able to accomodate every party invitation need, I included the basic invitation templates with most of these free printable party invitations. That way, you may personalize them and make your own invitations for other events like: POTLUCK INVITATIONS, DINNER PARTY INVITATIONS, COUPLE'S NIGHT INVITATIONS, ACTIVITY DAYS INVITATIONS, ENRICHMENT NIGHT INVITATIONS.

Printable Party Favors

Make your own party favors with the candy and chocolate wrappers that are available on this website. I currently have in our collection LIFESAVER CANDY WRAPPERS, CHOCOLATE BAR WRAPPERS AND MINT LABELS.

Printable Shower Games

Among the most familiar games in baby shower parties are BABY WORD SEARCH, BABY SCRAMBLED WORDS and BABY GIFT BINGO. I have all these in our current printable games gallery and I will continue to add to this list.


You will find the links to websites that I personally use when creating printable invitations or other party resources. Here is a list of websites that I am most happy to recommend for you to use and most, if not all of them, are free and do not have annoying pop-ups.

If you get lost along the way when using any of the printables on this site, feel free to ask me about it and I will try to find the time to help you out. Since I will be doing this at my free time, my only request is that you give me enough time to respond to you. I won't be charging you for this service.

I will try to keep this site up-to-date and will be adding new designs every now and then, which you can keep track of in the MOST RECENT projects page. So if you need something that might not be currently available, come back again sometime I might actually have something for you.

Invitation Wording Ideas

This is a new feature of invitations-and-more. I realize that a good design doesn't really count much if you can't find the right words to use on your invitation. So I gathered a number of verses that you may use for the free printable invitations you pick from this site. You will find these verses classified according to your event in the invitation wording page of invitations-and-more.

Have fun preparing for your party with these free printable party invitations and more!


free printable party invitations
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